Frequently Asked Questions About Our Towing

Towing requires careful planning and systematic execution to ensure that the vehicles being towed are not damaged. At Garr's Towing & Recovery we have the right training and the experience needed to ensure that we provide great offers to our customers across Atlanta, GA. We often get a wide range of queries about how we function and our offers. On this page, our attempts to answer all these questions are highlighted and we hope that you get all the information you need to hire us. If however, you need more information, simply reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help.

Do You Provide Light Vehicle Towing?

Yes. Our towing service is executed with the right tools at your disposal and our recovery vehicles can handle any light vehicles with relative ease. Irrespective of the nature of the breakdown or crash, we are more than capable of providing cost-effective solutions.

Do You Tackle Medium Duty Towing?

Yes. We have ensured that the tools at our disposal grew, and with that came the ability to tackle medium sizes vehicles as well. We make sure that safety is never compromised during our approaches.

How Quick Are Your Reactions to Towing Calls?

As skilled and trusted professionals, we have made sure that our reliable towing service is highlighted by quick reaction time and efficiency-centric results. We have made sure that we do the needful and never fail to impress our customers with our dedication and workmanship while maintaining the fastest response times possible.

Do You Provide Recoveries as Well?

Yes. We can make sure that with our dependable towing service, any recoveries that might be needed are undertaken and acted upon with careful planning and flawless execution.

How Experienced Are You?

We have been in the industry for four years and have covered a wide range of projects as a professional towing service. We are more than capable of tackling any and all requirements of the customers.

How Expensive Is a Tow?

A tow is relatively inexpensive and can be affordable. The only factors that add to the costs are the weight of the vehicle, and if there is a recovery attached with the towing as well.

Do You Provide Free Estimates?

Yes. We provide free estimates for our customers and make sure that our customer service is second to none.

Do You Provide Commercial Vehicle Towing?

Yes. We provide commercial vehicle towing as well and can make sure that any larger-scale vehicles are dealt with the appropriate approach keeping safety the highest priority.

We hope that these questions helped you get some insights into how we function and our skills and approaches as professionals. We are here to make sure that the customers we are serving are never worried about the standards of our techniques. If you have more questions, simply reach out to Garr's Towing & Recovery at (770) 430-5133 and we will be happy to provide you with more details. We have the quickest response timings and great offers across Atlanta, GA.